ICG guarantee

ICG services carry a guarantee for both the grade and authenticity of the encapsulated banknotes. In case the owner of an ICG graded banknote has any doubts about either the grade or the genuineness of such note, he or she can submit the note to ICG for an opinion review. The ICG guarantee applies to any note graded and encapsulated by ICG and that remains in its original; sealed and undamaged holder.


Any note received for review by ICG will be evaluated by a senior team that will consider the owner’s claim regarding either grade or genuineness. At its discretion, the ICG evaluation team can also engage third-party opinions during the review.


In case of grading reviews, if the evaluation team concludes that the grade of the banknote is lower than the grade originally assigned by ICG, the owner of the note will be entitled to compensation. At its sole discretion, ICG can provide the owner with a replacement note in the original grade, or if such a replacement cannot be produced, ICG can provide monetary compensation for the difference in market values between the original (higher) and revised (lower) grades.


The owner of the note accepts that ICG will determine the fair market value of any submitted note at the relevant grades based on pricing information it believes to be reliable, including from market dealers and auction results and that its fair market value assessments will be final and binding on all parties.


The grading guarantee covers both the number/letter grades and the presence of major flaws such as washing or pressing of notes, but it explicitly does not cover minor defects such as pinholes, small tears or stains.


In case of authenticity reviews, if the evaluation team determines that the submitted note is not genuine, the owner of the note will be entitled to compensation from ICG in the way of a replacement genuine note or of the monetary market value of a similar genuine note, with market values determined in the same manner as for grading reviews.


In order to take advantage of the ICG guarantee, the owner of any note encapsulated by ICG must submit the note to ICG using the standard submission procedure. In case ICG determines that the owner’s claim regarding grade or genuineness is correct, ICG will also cover all costs of shipping and re-encapsulation. However, if ICG determines that the owner’s claims regarding grade or genuineness are without merit, then the owner will be responsible for all shipping and re-grading charges.