Our holders

ICG encapsulates graded notes in a plastic holder made of the highest quality PET material, fully inert and free of PVC, acids or chemicals that may damage your notes long-term. The holders come in seven different sizes so that your notes will be held upright with minimal room for shifting inside the holder. The holder is fully sealed to prevent damage from humidity or other external agents and it has embossed patterns with the ICG logo around the edges for added security.

The holder is divided into two parts insulated with a secure sealing process which does not use heating to avoid any potential damage to the notes during encapsulation. The bottom part of the holder contains the banknote and the top part contains a label of thick high-quality paper with added security features, such as holographic printing of the ICG logo on the reverse of the label and a coloured pattern on the front.

1 The label displays the note’s relevant information, including the country of issue, type of government, date of issue, serial number, printer, etc.

2 This is the ICG grade in a combined numerical/worded 21-point scale, with 70/perfect UNC being the highest point in the scale. This area might also display an asterisk next to the grade, which would indicate the presence of additional flaws not fully captured by the ICG numeric grade. These flaws will be fully described on the reverse of the label.

3 The edges of the holder are sealed using high-pressure technology and with an embossed ICG seal to prevent the risk of forgeries or inappropriate tampering with the holder.




1 The ICG holographic printing adds security to the label and makes counterfeiting harder. The printing on the ICG logo uses special multicolour inks in a higher relief.

2 This area is reserved for special comments, including additional grading details for those notes which show an asterisk next to the grading at the front of the label. This area will also display a note’s pedigree or other special comments when appropriate.

3 The ICG identification code and barcode are a unique code that identifies each note. They prevent forgeries and will be used to track and verify each individual banknote in the ICG Population Report and Verify Banknote sections.