Our service terms

  1. Clients can submit notes for grading to International Currency Grading S.L (“ICG”) directly and will not need to use an intermediary dealer or collectors’ club. However, every client is required to fill a submission form, either as provided in person at any event attended by ICG representatives or via the ICG website www.icgrading.com before physically shipping any notes to ICG.
  2. The client declares that the items submitted to ICG for grading are his property and, in case he is acting on behalf of a third party confirms that has full authorization to submit items for grading to ICG.
  3. ICG will make every reasonable effort to provide grading services in accordance with the grading standards described under the sections “How we grade” and “Grading scales” of its website. The grading experts at ICG will follow those grading principles strictly and consistently to the best of their ability. However, given the subjective aspects of grading, reasonable disagreements could arise regarding the grades assigned by ICG between ICG and its clients.
  4. In case of grading disagreements, ICG will accept no liability whatsoever to its clients for any grades assigned or for any incidental damages resulting from its grading. Notwithstanding this limitation of liability, ICG will agree to review any note submitted for re-grading and will, at its sole discretion, refund all or part of the fees associated with both the original submission and subsequent submission for re-grading if ICG determines the original grade was inaccurate.
  5. The client will be responsible for providing accurate and truthful information regarding the notes it is submitting for grading, including a fair and reasonable estimate of each note’s fair value as reflected in the “declared value” section of the ICG submission form.
  6. The client is responsible for payment of all ICG service rates and fees at the time of submission. ICG service rates and fees are available on this submission form and on the ICG website at www.icgrading.com. The ICG service rates and fees can be modified from time to time and any modifications will be displayed clearly on the ICG website.
  7. Failure to provide payment in full in cleared funds might result in client items being retained by ICG until full payment is received. Delinquent payments will in every case accrue interest in favour of ICG at the rate of 1.5% of the balance per month until such balance is extinguished.
  8. ICG reserves the right to reject any note submitted for grading if ICG determines that, a) a note submitted for grading is or might be a forgery, b) a note submitted for grading has suffered material alterations or damage that renders its professional grading meaningless, or c) ICG cannot identify or verify a note received after making all reasonable efforts. Rejected notes will be returned to the client at the client’s expense and all fees will be due and non-refundable.
  9. In the event of a typo, misattribution or any other clerical errors in the labels of the notes graded by ICG, ICG will accept re-submission by the client and will cover all shipping, re-grading and encapsulating costs fully and without exception. It is the client’s responsibility to open and inspect packages of graded notes shipped by ICG and to alert ICG of any problems or errors promptly. Under no circumstances will ICG accept any responsibility for problems or errors after five business days from reception by the client of his order, or for any damage to the graded notes resulting from the opening or manipulation of the ICG holder after it is received by the client.
  10. ICG will apply reasonable care when handling and manipulating all notes submitted for grading and will endeavour to keep all client materials under supervision and in appropriate storage while under its care. In the event of loss or damage of a client’s note or group of notes while under ICG supervision or in transit from ICG to the client, ICG will replace the damaged or lost goods if possible or will determine an amount of monetary compensation, which will be the lower of the declared value on the client’s invoice or the fair market value of the items, as determined by ICG after consultation of online and floor auction prices or with the advice of an IBNS member dealer.
  11. For the effects of the above loss or damage guarantee, ICG’s supervision responsibility will begin at the moment when it receives the client’s order shipment and will be extinguished at the moment the client receives the ICG shipment of graded notes safely.
  12. It is important to note that the client will be fully and solely responsible for the risks of loss or damage of his order during transit before its reception is acknowledged by ICG. For this reason, and to reduce the risk of loss or damage, ICG recommends that its clients pack their orders carefully and use always a shipping service which provides a tracking number and requires signature.
  13. By the act of completing and signing an ICG submission form, the client authorises ICG to collect, store and manage data and/or images relating to each and all of the notes submitted by the client to ICG for grading. The client also agrees that this data and/or images might be used by ICG for commercial purposes for unlimited time and without giving rise to any royalties or exceptional compensation rights to the client and/or owner of the notes.
  14. With the exception of the loss or damage guarantee described in points 10 and 11 of these terms and conditions, ICG disclaims any and all warranties, express or implied, regarding ICG goods and services including the warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.
  15. In accordance with current data protection legislation, the client authorises ICG to collect and keep in its files certain client information needed by ICG to conduct its business. ICG in turn agrees not to transfer any personal client data to third parties without the written approval of the client.
  16. These terms and conditions are subject exclusively and irrevocably to the jurisdiction, laws and courts of Spain.