Services & Rates

The range of services provided by ICG is straight-forward and easy to interpret, as we have eliminated cumbersome services and hidden charges for services which do not really imply any additional work on the part of our graders. For example, we charge the same simple rate for each type of note, whether it was issued before or after 1961; whether it is an issued note, a specimen or a proof and whether it is a small emergency note such as the “elephant” notes issued by Ivory Coast in 1943 (P6A-P8) or the “blanket” King Zahir 1000 afghanis issued by Afghanistan in 1939 (P27A).


We also won’t charge you extra for notes not listed in the Standard Catalog of World Paper Money (Pick) or for errors or replacements.


We do have different fees for notes with higher individual values, because these will be given priority in our system; they will be treated with extra care and will be returned to you faster (as fast as two business days for really special items worth more than €10,000 each).


We also have a special lower rate for large submissions of at least 25 notes, as long as none of the notes included has a declared value higher than US$500 each.


The following table contains the up-to-date ICG Rates for each of the services provided, including the turnaround times for each service.



(per note; all taxes included)

A -ECONOMY (Max. $ 1,000 each )

(20 business days)

€ 20

- STANDARD (Max. $ 3,000 each )

(15 business days)

€ 30

C -EXPRESS (Max. $ 10,000 each )

(5 business days)

€ 50

D - BULK (25+ notes. Max. $ 500 each )

(20 business days)

€ 12

E - SPECIAL (> $ 10,000 each )

(2 business days)

€ 100